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Developer Certification - 1 Redis Certified Developer is our professional certification program for software developers who regularly work with Redis. Earning this certification is a great way to ensure that you’ve achieved a high level of Redis mastery. You can also use this certification to demonstrate your Redis expertise to prospective employers. RU102JS - Redis for JavaScript Developers RU102JS provides a deep dive into Redis for Node.js applications. You can expect to learn how to make connections to Redis, store and retrieve data, and leverage essential Redis features such as sorted sets and streams. RU201 - RediSearch This advanced course covers RediSearch, the in-memory search engine built as a Redis Module. The course begins with a deep dive into the fundamentals of search engines. We then cover the structures and operations of RediSearch. RU102J - Redis for Java Developers Redis for Java Developers teaches you how to build robust Redis client applications in Java using the Jedis client library. The course focuses on writing idiomatic Java applications with the Jedis API, describing language-specific patterns for managing Redis database connections, handling errors, and using standard classes from the JDK. The course material uses the Jedis API directly with no additional frameworks. As such, the course is appropriate for all Java developers, and it clearly illustrates the principles involved in writing applications with Redis. RU202 - Redis Streams Redis Streams is a new feature for Redis 5.0. In this course, we’ll cover the basic concepts of streaming, and then provide a broad overview of Redis Streams itself. After that, we’ll explore the Redis Streams commands in detail, and discover how this new data structure works under the hood. RU101 - Intro to Redis Data Structures RU101 is an introductory course, perfect for developers new to Redis. In this course, you’ll learn about the data structures in Redis, and you’ll see how to practically apply them in the real world. RU102PY - Redis for Python Developers In RU102PY , you’ll build a complete application using Python, Redis, and the Flask web framework. You’ll learn how to connect to Redis, model a domain, store and retrieve data, and take advantage of common Redis patterns. RU330 - Redis Security Learn everything you need to know about Redis Security. The course focuses on access-control, data encryption, and secure deployment practices.
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