Is there a reliable way to notify clients that their server is not running?

My Redis database is holding a few key/value pairs with some sort of status information to show our clients the status of a component.
If a server shutdown occurs is there a possibility to notify all clients that the current status information is not correct/up-to-date anymore?

In a Summary:
I store status informations → server shutdown occurs → notify clients that status is not valid anymore

Thanks for your help

Are you talking about the Redis server or another server? If you have a high-availability Redis deployment, then you application can just fail over to a replica. Will that work?

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I’m talking about a Redis-Server. Maybe that can work yes, but is there a possibility to notify all clients that there was a failover and that we are using the replica-server now?


Have you checked out Redis Sentinel or Redis Cluster? Both have failover mechanisms that may help with what you’re trying to do.