Redisson Java Client-RedisCluster-YAML config-RedisNodeNotFoundException

Good afternoon Redis Forum:

I have been working in the implementation of a Redisson client to connect a Java application to Redis cluster defined by a YAML config file (loaded from the Config class) and by using RBucket as a class to put and get key-value pairs.

The connection is primary stablished by calling Redisson.create(config) method. Sometimes, even if a master is up after an outage, a RedisNodeNotFoundException exception happen saying that we need to increase the value of retryAttempts and/or retryInterval settings.

I really appreciate if you can give me some advices, recommendations about some configuration fields I could have missed, or something about the uses of RBucket or Redisson.create method in order to make it more resilient and to solve that issue.

Thank you so much in advance.

Hi there,

The best place to ask this questions would be on the Redisson project itself: Issues · redisson/redisson · GitHub

Maybe open an issue there?


Hi KyleB

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