RU102J - Redis for Java Developers

What you’ll learn

Redis for Java Developers teaches you how to build robust Redis client applications in Java using the Jedis client library. The course focuses on writing idiomatic Java applications with the Jedis API, describing language-specific patterns for managing Redis database connections, handling errors, and using standard classes from the JDK. The course material uses the Jedis API directly with no additional frameworks. As such, the course is appropriate for all Java developers, and it clearly illustrates the principles involved in writing applications with Redis.

What you’ll build

To get practical experience with Java and Redis, and to make the content a lot more relevant and interesting, you’ll help to build a solar power monitoring and ingestion application. The project consists of three components:

  • A command-line data loading application
  • A REST API backend built with Dropwizard
  • A Vue.js front end

The API will load and query data from Redis using a data model that we’ll develop as part of the course. The project will involve the use of several Redis data structures, including:

  • Hashes
  • Sets
  • Geospatial indexes
  • Streams
  • The server will also use Redis to implement a rate-limiting system on API calls.

Throughout the course, you’ll get the opportunity to try what you’ve learned through a series of programming challenges.


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